The festival reinforces the partnerships between the governmental and private sectors

Nov 03, 2021

The partners and sponsors ensure the success of Al Murabbaa Arts Festival

Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry: The sponsors’ solidarity confirms their confidence in governmental initiatives
Abdulaziz Taryam: Al Murabbaa Arts Festival represents a cultural and artistic beacon in the region
Fahad Shehail: Our participation represents a model of sustainable economy

Ajman, 3 November 2021

Partners from Government and private sectors are fully set to support the 1st edition of Al Murabbaa Arts Festival which is taking place from 28 October until 6 November at the Ajman Heritage District surrounding the Ajman Museum. The support comes from their deep belief in the importance of such festivals in promoting culture and being a platform for creative development that inspires future generations.

This remarkable harmony between all the strategic partners, main sponsors, and other authorities certifies their objective on making the first edition of the festival a real success, especially that the events and activities accompanying it will undoubtedly promote Ajman’s reputation as a leading global destination for culture, arts, and tourism. This will aid the emirate of Ajman in achieving its vision of developing the tourism sector and attracting visitors from around the world.

Several public and private agencies and companies have launched huge promotional campaigns in line with Al Murabbaa Arts Festival’s celebrations, which includes galleries, workshops, training sessions, and a huge participation from universities and academic entities, to collectively create an enthusiastic spirit for the visitors of Ajman throughout the festival’s duration.

The festival reinforces the full cooperation and unity between the private and public sectors, as part of their belief in the important role the festival plays in boosting the cultural and touristic attractiveness of the destinations across the emirate.

The list of participating sponsors include Etisalat as the Platinum Sponsor, Ajman Media City Free Zone as the Gold Sponsor, Ajman Municipality and Planning Department as Silver Sponsor, Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the Bronze Sponsor, Fairmont Ajman Hotel as strategic partner, in addition to various government authorities and private entities such as the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Awards, the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation, FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion and Style – Dubai, Tashkeel, the Fujairah Fine Arts Academy, Bee’ah, Simone Micheli Architectural Hero, StudioVee, Oxygen, and Lava.

His Excellency Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry, Director General of the Ajman Department of Tourism Development, underlined the  importance of the festival as a cultural and artistic event that honors create arts and contributes to the exchange of expertise, knowledge, and culture between participants from around the world, and pointing out that the festival will contribute in leaving an artistic imprint on the world’s artistic map due to the artistic and cultural diversity it holds and that tends to creative arts.

His Excellency stated that Ajman Tourism is renewing its commitment to strengthen the collaboration between the public and private sectors to improve the efficiency of the tourism sector in the emirate, while stressing out the efforts provided by the sponsors to support the festival and its events, which proves the sectors’ confidence in successful government initiatives such as Al Murabbaa Arts Festival. Al Geziry praised these efforts invested in serving the community and their continuous participation in activities that are beneficial to UAE’s economy and the society as a whole, and their sponsorship of artistic and touristic events ensures their high commitment to promoting social responsibility within a fully progressive framework.

His Excellency also expressed his gratitude for the government and private entities and agencies in supporting Al Murabbaa Arts Festival through their influential partnership which begin with promoting the event and facilitating the work of the organizing committees, and ending with hosting parallel events that complement the festival’s activities in order to produce a successful and immense festival that promotes the emirate of Ajman on both local and international scales.

Abdulaziz Taryam, CEO Advisor and General Manager of Etisalat (Northern Emirates), said: “We at Etisalat are honored to support the cultural and creative initiatives taking place across the country, notably the Al Murabbaa Arts Festival for its great cultural and artistic value and support for young creators and artists from around the world.” The festival, he stressed, is considered a remarkable Emirati hub for sharing cultural, artistic, and innovative idea.

Taryam added: “As a platinum sponsor of the Al Murabbaa Arts Festival, Etisalat is keen to extend its full support to one of the best cultural and artistic festivals in the UAE. Etisalat is committed to contributing to the event’s success by promoting the country’s culture and arts, and shed light on Ajman as a distinctive cultural, touristic, and shopping destination.”

From his side, Fahad Ali Shehail, Chief Operation Officer at Bee’ah Group, stated that: “Bee’ah is delighted to support the Al Murabba Arts Festival, by both supplying our world-class environmental cleaning services at the event, and showcasing some fantastic recycled furniture pieces, created partly from materials recovered by Bee’ah’s Tyre Recycling Facility. In addition to incorporating a sustainable economy model, these pieces manifest the potential of converting recycled waste into beautiful and functional items.”